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Custom Built Countertops

We fabricate and install Granite, Quartz, Solid Surface and laminate Countertops.   

We do not charge for local in home estimates.  However because of the vast amount of colors and materials to choose from.  We cannot bring a full selection of samples to an estimate.  We reccomend you come to our location initally for a selection of material and color.  If you bring a drawing of your project with you, we can  provide you with an estimate at that time.  Of course the finale quote would be after we template or measure your project on site.   If you need help with  how to measure your countertops, please call  us and we will be glad to help.   If we do not have a color on hand that you want on your initial visit, then we will reccomend you go to one of the local inporters of Granite, Quartz, etc.  that we deal with.  There you will be able to see a vast amount of color selections.  However if you already know exactly the material and color you want then we can easily accomodate you with one visit to your residence or business for the estimate.

Laminate:  This is a product that has come so far in the past few years
                 The majority of our laminate tops can be built without a 
                  seam.  Our custom built laminate tops start at only
                  $17.00 per linear ft.

The two most inovative selections to come about are the Wilsonart High Definition laminate and the Formica 180fx laminate 

The Wilsonart HD  is a laminate that is th;ree times more scratch resistent than standard laminate.  With colors and a finish that some think it is granite when they first see it.  (

The Formica FX180 is not only scratch resistent,  it is an actual digital image of a granite slab reproduced.  Many people are fooled when they first see it, thinking it is granite.  (

Solid Surface:
The cons are it is not very scratch resistant however the  Pros. are even though it may scratch , Any scratchs that do occur can easily be  polished out. The other  advantage  is seams are are almost invisible.  most people cannot detect the seam even when shown.

Corian was the original manufacture.  Now there are many mfgs.  Way to many to list and most are simular.  However the one we like and use the most is EOS.  This solid surface is actually 3cm (1 1/4") thick, the same thickness as Granite and Quartz countertops.  All others including Corian are 1/2 inch thick which require MDF,  particle board or plywood as a build up. to make it look thicker.


Nothing beats the natural beauty of a granite countertop.  
The price of having a granite countertop is not always that expensive.   It all depends on your choice of granite, the size of your kitchen etc.   The price of granite can change dramatically depending on the color you choose.  However the fabrication and installation cost stays the same regardless of choice of granite.  If you are planning on buying custom laminate countertops get a price on granite for comparison. You may be surprised at the how little the difference is.


This is an outstanding product.  That is harder and stronger than granite and never neeeds sealing.  We fabricate quartz from serveral manufactures.  


An outstanding product that is easily available in the tidewater area due to the fact that the manufactures headquaters is located here in Norfolk,

With many colors to choose from this is an outstanding product.

Another product that is easily available as the supplier is located in Portsmouth Va.